Vocational Training

The aim of our technical workshops is to provide up-to-date vocational training and to equip the learners with skills essential w hen entering the labour market. A learner’s interest, aptitude and dexterity are taken into account when placing him/her into a workshop. After experiencing two different practical subjects in their first year, the learners will choose one with which they will continue for the next three years. Every alternative day is spent in the workshop where learners are exposed to and trained in the latest methods and theory of the particular workshop. Work and orders are taken in from the public to generate a much needed income and to create the feel of a real “work place” environment, but the emphasis always remain on training. Articles made by the learners through the year, are sold in our “in-house” shop where possible. Learners in their final year are sent out to local businesses for a two week period as part of a “School-to-Work” program – bringing them face-to-face with the challenges of:

Workshops for boys:

● Spray painting
● Panel beating
● Motorvehicle repair
● Welding
● Maintenance
● Woodwork

Workshops for girls:

● Hairdressing
● Early child development
● Office Administration
● Food production



“For those who want to succeed, nothing is too difficult” Curabitur non nulla


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