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The following sport codes are presented at the school: Athletics, cross country, cricket, netball, rugby, soccer and tug-of-war. Teams compete locally against other LSEN schools as well as main stream schools but the highlight of each sport is the annual invitational tournaments organized for each sport group. Players can excel by being chosen for the regional Eden teams or progress even further and be chosen for the provincial Western Cape LSEN teams. A few learners have even been selected for SA teams.


Being a small school, culture activities are limited to a small, but very enthusiastic “Song & Dance Group”. Learners are screened at the beginning of the year and a group of about 30 learners are chosen for the squad. A concert program of various popular songs and dances are prepared and practiced for the annual school cultural evening as well as the LSEN inter-schools cultural events. Solo singers are encouraged to take part in competitions such as local “Idols” and Gospel Singing Competitions.

In the News


Van Kervel’s netball team again took top honours in the local LSEN league. Four players were selected for the Western Cape LSEN Netball team and took part in the National Schools Challenge during the July holiday.


Four learners, namely Jani Volschenk, Nelisha Johnson, Alicia Snyman and Adriano Oelf obtained their national colours when they were selected for the Presidents’ team.



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